• • elaboration of the Internal Regulations regarding the firefighting and prevention
  • carrying out the training and drawing up the individual training sheets related to firefighting and prevention
  • job description on how to learn and comply with measures related to firefighting and prevention
  • specific instructions for each job regarding firefighting and prevention
  • elaboration of the evacuation / action plan in case of fire / force majeure
  • elaboration of the intervention plan according to the legislation in force
  • assistance during the control of the competent bodies on firefighting and prevention line
  • preparation of the fire safety scenario
  • elaboration of the intervention plan for firefighting
  • drawing up evacuation plans in case of fire
  • preparation of storage plans for goods (where applicable)
  • job description (including how to master and comply with firefighting and prevention measures (P.S.I.)
  • firefighting and prevention instructions (P.S.I.) specific for each job
  • the topic for all training phases
  • individual training sheets for firefighting and prevention (P.S.I.)


According to Law no. 307/2006, art. 19 (b) the Director has the obligation to ensure the identification and evaluation of the fire risks in his unit and to ensure the correlation of the fire protection measures with the nature and level of the risks.

Fire risk assessment is the process of estimating and quantifying the risk associated with a system, called existing fire risk, determined based on the probability of fire and the consequences of that event, as well as comparing it with a predetermined threshold, called accepted fire risk.

The fire protection measures, taken into account when determining the existing fire risk, are those intended to reduce the neutralization and / or elimination of risk factors, respectively to limit, locate and / or eliminate a fire, if it occurred.


  • effective participation in verifying the acquisition and application of the measures proposed in the prevention plan
  • monitoring the operation of fire extinguishing systems and equipment
  • issuing decisions for carrying out the activity in accordance with the rules for firefighting and prevention (P.S.I.): responsibilities, working with open fire, banning smoking in illegal places
  • the record of the occupations that need authorization and the way of exercising them in compliance with the provisions for firefighting and prevention (P.S.I.)
  • records of personal protective equipment
  • participation in special events that may occur (controls or other events)
  • drawing up the reports and lists provided in the Government Decisions
  • carrying out the measures ordered by the firefighting and prevention inspectors (P.S.I.) on the occasion of the control visits and the events investigation
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