Our activities:

Our activities:

  • • expert advice,
  • • assistance at the controls of the territorial labour inspectorates,
  • • updating the prevention and protection plan,
  • • ensuring information and training of workers in the field of safety and health,
  • • verification of the knowledge and application by all workers of the measures provided in the prevention and protection plan, as well as of the attributions and responsibilities incumbent on them in the field of occupational safety and health, provided by the job description,
  • proposing sanctions and incentives for workers to encourage the performance of duties in the field of occupational safety and health,
  • • informing the employer on the deficiencies found and proposing prevention and protection measures,
  • following the updating of the warning plan, of the protection and prevention plan and of the evacuation plan,
  • monitoring the operation of protection systems and devices, as well as of the measuring and control equipment
  • • drawing up records in case of work accidents or dangerous incidents,
  • • elaboration of reports on work accidents suffered by the unit workers,
  • • monitoring the implementation of the measures ordered by the labour inspectors following the controls;
  • • proposing clauses regarding occupational safety and health at the conclusion of service contracts with other employers.
  • • elaboration of the Company’s prevention and protection plan, based on the risks of injury and risks of occupational diseases identified on the jobs / workplaces, on the activities carried out, on the work equipment used within the company and on the professional risks assessment,
  • • elaboration of own instructions for completing and / or applying occupational safety and health regulations, taking into account the particularities of the activities and of the unit / enterprise, as well as of the jobs/positions,
  • • establishing for the workers, through the job description, the attributions and responsibilities incumbent on them in the field of safety and health at work, corresponding to their positions,
  • • preparation of information documents for employees,
  • • elaboration of topics for all training phases;
  • • establishing the periodicity of training for each job,
  • • elaboration of the training-testing program at company level,
  • • ensuring the elaboration of the action plan in case of serious and imminent danger,
  • • records of trades and professions, for which it is necessary to authorize their exercise,
  • • records of jobs that require additional medical examinations,
  • • elaboration of the entire documentation necessary for the development of the prevention and protection activity within the companies.
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