Seatbelt Consulting, one of the most reliable labour protection companies in Bucharest,, will provide you with complex services in the segment of training in labour protection, supported by specialists with the latest training. Among the labour protection consulting services, the training part is essential, that’s why we work with motivated specialists, willing to be actively involved in staff training.

Being one of the strongest labour protection companies in Bucharest, we guarantee a complex and professional offer, providing training for all areas of labour protection requested by potential beneficiaries. From the staff training upon employment to the use of work equipment within the beneficiary’s company, Seatbelt Consulting covers the entire area of needs in this field, including consulting services for regular training.


The training of the experts who complete the staff training sessions comply with the level required by an institution that is positioned among the most important labour protection companies in Bucharest. The trainers we work with are certified as trainers and have attended public speaking courses in an open system All these specializations allow them to hold training sessions in labour protection for which they have received, from the beneficiaries, very favourable quotations.

The labour protection training segment is essential for the good development of work in the beneficiary companies, that is why working with experts in communication and persuasion techniques is a well-placed investment We invite you to see the complete list of the services we offer and we assure you of maximum promptness, when you decide to contact us.

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