The occupational safety services offered by Seatbelt Consulting include the audit to establish compliance with legal requirements. The legislation that regulates labour protection and risk assessment is the one that guides the strategies and labour protection services that we propose The attention with which we treat each procedure separately – from the training of the employees, to the elaboration of the entire documentation necessary for the development of the prevention and protection activity within the companies – is manifested during the entire collaboration Thus, we perform regular internal inspections to our clients, at the workplaces and deliver written reports following the evaluations.


The reports that we draw up following internal controls include specific observations regarding possible irregularities on the observance of labour protection norms. The reports also include a series of suggestions aimed at remedying the deficiencies that may occur. All these measures are in accordance with paragraph 17 of art. 15 of GD 1425/2006 with subsequent amendments We periodically provide our clients with an audit to establish compliance with legal regulations. Concrete details about the program and the procedure can be found as quickly as possible by contacting us .

The possibility of auditing for compliance with legal requirements is the option that rounds out the package of labour protection services that Seatbelt Consulting provides and which includes labour protection and firefighting services PSI, risk assessment and employees’ training, all adaptable to your company’s profile.

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